Five Ways to Effectively Manage Legal Communications with an Internet Fax Service

The paper chase has gone digital. Cloud computing and mobile technology have brought a modern day order to the business of law. Bankers' boxes and wheeled carts have been replaced by virtual cloud servers, and mobile devices. With an app for seemingly everything, lawyers can effectively manage a myriad of tasks and communications in the office or remotely. With a few strategic tools and tips, your mobile device can function as a traveling assistant to facilitate document and communication management on-the-go.

Today, online services provide many of the same business class capabilities that once required office equipment or software. One example is an Internet fax service. The ability to send, receive, sign, file, and respond to faxes from a smartphone, tablet, notebook or desktop PC makes it easy to manage the business of law from anywhere in the world, at any time.

When deciding on the best Internet fax service for your legal needs, consider these five tips before making the decision.

1. There is an app for that -- Look for an Internet fax service that has a mobile app. You want the freedom and flexibility to send critical documents to clients, staff, counsel or even the courtroom whether or not you are in the office. A mobile app and onboard camera will allow you to point, shoot and fax documents from your mobile device.

2. Easing the burden of e-discovery -- An Internet fax service can ease the time and resource burden of complying with e-discovery requests if it incorporates search tools. You want a service with the ability to tag and search for faxes using names, topics or other keywords. The use of tags can support your firm's record classification scheme so that documents are retained or properly disposed of according to your internal policy. Tags will also enable you to quickly locate a specific document or group of documents.

3. Eliminating document disorder -- Bankers' boxes, archive rooms and storage units are a thing of the past. Your Internet fax service can save trees and time by making the paperless office a reality. Make sure the service offers unlimited lifetime storage and securely archives faxed documents online. Storing documents digitally on secure servers allow you to retrieve critical documents when and where you need them.

4. Confidential and secure -- Protecting client confidentiality is essential. Choose an Internet fax service that encrypts faxes and stores them in a secure inbox. Internet faxing also eliminates the inherent risks that come with using a traditional fax machine. You no longer have to be concerned about confidential faxed documents sitting in the open where they can be viewed by unauthorized eyes.

5. Signed, sealed and sent -- Today all legal professionals looking for ways to be more efficient while adding value to their clients. An Internet fax service can contribute to your productivity by eliminating wasteful steps in document management and workflow. Look for digitized signature capabilities as well. This option will allow you to add a digitized signature from a computer, tablet or smartphone. The approved document can then be sent along via email or fax.

File a motion to dismiss inefficiency and waste by leveraging the time saving features and benefits of an Internet fax service. You'll be more productive and able to provide the best possible services to your clients.

Courtesy of Kyle Flowers of j2 Global, Inc.