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The Networking and Storage section of FindLaw's Legal Technology Center provides free resources related to networking issues commonly encountered in law practice. Technical issues such as Cloud Computing, Data Storage, Network Security and Web Hosting are important to the technical operation of a successful law practice. FindLaw provides free information to help you increase the efficiency and productivity of your law practice through networking and storage technology.

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  • An Introduction to Enterprise Cloud Computing for Attorneys

    As we trek into the 21st Century, “cloud” has a pervasive, much more technical meaning referencing the location of data when it does not reside where it is used or created. This is the new world of cloud computing.

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  • Cloud Computing and the Law: The Basics

    As reflected in the NIST definition of cloud computing, the most appealing aspect of using the cloud is the effective scalability, and therefore elastic cost, of the service.

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  • The Cloud Explained, Part 2 of 2

    In Part One of this article we explored the meaning of "The Cloud" and arrived at a definition: The cloud is a collection of utilities built on Internet technologies for on-demand services. In Part Two, we'll explore data centers, the facilities where Internet information actually resides.

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    You may have heard of the Web site The purpose of the site is to allow women to make anonymous postings about specific men. A defamation lawsuit was filed with respect to statements made on the site about a particular man. While the name of the case is Hollis v. Joseph, as owner and operator of, et al., perhaps the case should be referred to as DontSueThere.Com.

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  • Research Debunks Common Myths that Contribute to IT Failures

    Symantec Corp. today released the Symantec IT Risk Management Report Volume II, revealing that awareness of the importance of IT risk management is increasing, however several myths persist.

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