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The Law Offices of Kevin M. Maloney provides legal services to clients in four states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky. Specializing in business and corporate law, Atty. Maloney offers law expertise that spans construction, insurance, oil and gas, municipal liability, negligence, products liability, professional liability, real estate, and transportation. The firm practices in trial and appellate courts at both state and federal levels.


Customer Name: Law Offices of Kevin M. Maloney

Industry: Legal Services

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Number of Employees: 2


1 site

5 desktop PCs and laptops and smartphone

Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security

Trend Micro SafeSync for Business


--Ensure privacy of client information

--Enhance collaboration that contributes to successful results, without compromising client data security

--Provide convenient, anytime, anywhere access to data

--Simplify management and day-to-day administration of security


--Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security

--Trend Micro SafeSync for Business


--Automatic synchronization and backup of files

--Effective and secure file sharing

--Access to files from anywhere at any time from any device

--Efficient, secure use of cloud storage

--Flexibility to grant controlled access for collaborations


"SafeSync is exactly what I need to share and synchronize files, as well as taking care of automatic backups. It lets me do the best possible job for my clients, while protecting their privacy."

--Kevin M. Maloney, Esq.



The practice of law is particularly dependent on the effective protection of sensitive data assets. "Any attorney must diligently guard client confidences," said Kevin M. Maloney, attorney at law in Columbus, Ohio. "It is critical for my practice--my clients would never work with me if I didn't have their trust. I am involved in litigation and negotiations that all depend on the private information provided by the clients, witnesses, and experts."

Security requirements for Atty. Maloney's practice are complicated by the extensive level of collaboration required within the corporate legal world. Information must be shared with multiple, authorized members of the various case and client teams, which routinely include professionals in multiple states.

As a lawyer in a sole-attorney practice, Atty. Maloney also spends a great deal of time on the road. This means that data security must go beyond the systems in the office to cover data on his laptops and smartphone.


To maximize protection of its business data and files, the Law Offices of Kevin M. Maloney started with the introduction of Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security. "The beauty of the Trend Micro solution is its simplicity," explained Maloney. "It is so easy to set up and use that I can do it all myself--I don't have to rely on any outside IT service. It is extremely important that I can keep my arms around my clients' information. Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security makes it possible for me to do this easily and reliably."

Worry-Free Business Security is powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network security infrastructure, which delivers advanced protection from the cloud. Threats are blocked in real time, before they reach the business. Smart Protection Network's unique cloud-client architecture includes a global network of threat intelligence sensors, collecting and correlating email, web, and file reputation information to dramatically reduce infections.

To further simplify the synchronization of business files that are shared and accessed remotely, Atty. Maloney has been evaluating various solutions tailored for small businesses. "I looked at offerings such as DropBox and Microsoft LiveSync," said Maloney. "Neither of them had all of the features provided by Trend Micro SafeSync for Business. After our success with Worry-Free Business Security, we were anxious to try out SafeSync and so we participated in the beta program."

Trend Micro SafeSync for Business provides an affordable cloud-based alternative to other file and backup solutions. Synchronization technology automatically backs up data to a secure online location whenever data is saved or changed. Files can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, using a web browser or even a mobile phone. SafeSync also makes sharing files internally and externally very easy and secure.


"Like many other businesses today, security concerns with cloud data storage is of utmost importance to our business and our clients," said Maloney. "Thankfully, as is the case with the rest of Trend Micro's Worry-Free Business Security solutions, Trend Micro SafeSync for Business is revolutionary in terms of simplicity, effectiveness and security."

Today, Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security continues to safeguard the firm's systems, and therefore its reputation as well. SafeSync has also become a standard tool of the trade for the Law Offices of Kevin M. Maloney.

"The more that I use SafeSync, the more beneficial uses I find for it," said Maloney. "For instance, I discovered this week that it is a great mechanism for allowing the easy use of Dragon Dictation on multiple computers in various locations. By storing the Dragon user files in the Safe Sync directory of my main office computer, I can easily utilize those same files when I dictate from the road or from my home, greatly enhancing the utility of Dragon."

With the solution deployed, data is confidently shared within the firm and with authorized partners. Data is automatically backed up and synchronized, without taking time away from serving clients. "I am a fairly experienced computer user, but SafeSync doesn't take any expertise to set up," said Maloney. "In terms of its functionality, it meets all of my expectations and requirements. SafeSync is exactly what I need to share and synchronize files, as well as taking care of automatic backups. It lets me do the best possible job for my clients, while protecting their privacy."

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