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Networking & Storage

The Networking and Storage section of FindLaw's Legal Technology Center provides free resources related to networking issues commonly encountered in law practice. Technical issues such as Cloud Computing, Data Storage, Network Security and Web Hosting are important to the technical operation of a successful law practice. FindLaw provides free information to help you increase the efficiency and productivity of your law practice through networking and storage technology.

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Networking & Storage

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  • The IT Bill of Rights for Law Firms Getting into Cloud Communications

    In today's innovative and always-on society, communications service providers have never been more equipped to deliver a great customer experience to law firms, especially in the cloud. Yet many providers continue to experience customer churn due to poor processes, overhyped technology and bad customer service.

    Creating an Effective Law Firm Records Retention Policy

    Performing the necessary research to support your records retention policy is not a small task. While this work is vital to a defensible policy, standardizing your approach and getting your firm's risk management resources, IT and records departments, and attorneys on board is likely the piece of this project that will take the most time.

    The Cloud: Ethical Obligations for Lawyers in the Modern Era III

    As more organizations move their information to the cloud, attorneys must also understand the potential ethical issues involved in storing data off-site on the Internet, rather than on physical servers that the organization owns.

    Law Firm Protects Sensitive Client Data--and Its Reputation

    The practice of law is particularly dependent on the effective protection of sensitive data assets. Read about one law firm's experience.

    Tips to Simplify and Unify Law Firm Communications for the Cloud

    Law firms today are looking to unify the patchwork of communications and collaboration services they have installed over the past two decades by moving them to the cloud. There's only one problem--"unified communications" services are not so unified for everyone.

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    Top Five Tips for Using the Cloud for e-Discovery

    The revolution is underway as a broad spectrum of organizations, including nearly 25 percent of U.S. law firms and the U.S. government, are now using cloud computing. Here are five important points for law firms and businesses to consider when preparing to take advantage of cloud computing.

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