Take your broadband speed with you wherever you go

London, UK - February 6, 2007 - You can now enjoy full broadband speed on the move and virtually anywhere in the world, thanks to the PC300, Sony Ericsson's new Mobile Broadband PC Card for laptops. The PC300 is Sony Ericsson's first to support four generations of the world's most popular cellular wireless technology - HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE and GPRS - providing you with the same broadband speed as you enjoy from your fixed connection in the office or at home. This robust PC Card has a fully integrated, unobtrusive antenna so you can keep it in your laptop all the time, always ready to make a fast broadband connection, whether you're off to the coffee shop around the corner or to the other side of the world. With a download speed of up to 3.6 Mbps, getting access to those urgent files or large attachments whilst on the move couldn't be simpler.

"You no longer have to put up with slower speeds from your broadband connection just because you're away from the office or home," explains Johan Tysklind, marketing director, Mobile Computing for Sony Ericsson. "There's hardly anywhere in the world that doesn't have coverage for one of these four generations of wireless technology so you'll always find a connection. It's also worth knowing that at Sony Ericsson we provide support for our customers on a truly global basis, so while you're travelling you can always contact us locally if ever you need to."

The PC300 Mobile Broadband PC Card fits seamlessly into your life as well as your laptop, thanks to a winning combination of integrated design, intuitive interface and easy configuration. The antenna extends just over one cm and is barely noticeable when the card is inserted and getting connected is simple; just slide the card into your PC Card slot and it detects the wireless technology that is available locally to give the fastest possible broadband connection. In a matter of seconds you're free to send and receive email, surf the web and even access your company's intranet over a VPN (Virtual Private Network), all at the same speed as at home or in the office.

"If you feel that it can be a gamble on whether you'll get fast broadband when you're away from your fixed connection, the PC300 is the answer. It's a great way to play your cards right, fixing the odds of getting fast mobile broadband firmly in your favour," concludes Johan Tysklind.

The PC300 Mobile Broadband HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE PC Card for laptops will be available worldwide from Q3.