The Mobile section of FindLaw's Legal Technology Center provides free resources related to mobility issues encountered by legal and information technology professionals. Mobile, as applied to the legal profession, includes legal mobile software applications (or apps) and mobile devices, such as cell phones, pagers, tablets, Bluetooth headsets, hands-free microphones. Other related mobile topics, such as Cloud Computing and Wireless / Remote Access, can be found in the Networking and Storage category. FindLaw provides information to help you make the most of mobile technology in your law practice.

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    • Mobile Phone Security Basics for Lawyers

      If you use a mobile phone as part of your law practice, you need to be concerned about what could happen if someone steals it or you otherwise lose it.

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    • Tech Tips: Traveling with Technology

      Tips on replacing laptops with mobile devices and smart ways to travel with technology.

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    • High-Tech Gadgets: Ultimate Freedom Or Complete Loss of Privacy?
      Everywhere we go these days, the people around us are busy utilizing their high tech gadgets. They may be making phone calls, sending emails, surfing the Internet, creating work-related documents, listening to music, watching videos - the list goes on and on. And all of these activities can be performed on wireless devices that are as small as a deck of cards.

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    • Synchronizing Corporate Data on Handheld Devices

      Many handheld devices have found their way into organizations via personal purchases by employees. As a result, mobile and remote employees are demanding the ability to synchronize corporate data with their device in order to increase responsiveness and productivity.

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    • All iPod, All The Time

      The iPod has become such a ubiquitous tool in everyday life that the time has come for iPod.pedia, a book that refers to itself as The Ultimate iPod and iTunes Resource. While I was skeptical at first, upon reading, I must admit that this book, by a non-Apple insider, contains a treasure trove of useful and fun information for iPod junkies like me.

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