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The Legal Software section of FindLaw's Legal Technology Center provides free resources related to software programs and solutions used in the practice of law. General law practice programs include Accounting, Cases Management, Client Management, Conflicts Management, Contract Management, Docket and Calendar, Document Conversion, Document Management, Email and Groupware, E-Filing, Litigation Support, Matter Management, Patent and Trademark, Practice Control and Management, Records Management, Time and Billing, and Trial Presentation software. Use of legal software can greatly increase your law firm's efficiency and productivity. Also visit FindLaw's Market Center for a free nationwide directory of providers of General and Specific Practice legal software.

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  • Effective Case Management: How to Control Litigation Outcomes and Costs

    Litigation is traumatic, chaotic and confusing for most clients, even for clients who are no strangers to litigation. Case management can bring litigation and its costs under control and instill a greater measure of predictability into the process.

    Leveraging Technology Through Document Assembly to Serve Clients More Efficiently and Profitably

    Offering clients greater value while maintaining the bottom line are not mutually exclusive goals: By leveraging new technologies, law firms and corporate clients can work together as partners, rather than adversaries.

    Time Tracking and Billing Apps for the Lawyer's Mobile Phone

    For lawyers who bill by the hour and conduct any business out of the office, timekeeping no longer requires a combination of paper, pen, and wristwatch. Billable time tracking can now be done through an app on your phone, whether it be Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows, or any other.

    30 Years of Public-Key Cryptography

    Public Key Cryptography is the technology used to keep digital communications secret and secure. In this Age of Information, where people conduct a good portion of their lives remotely via online applications, PKC is ubiquitous technology.

    Owning Email

    Do you occasionally communicate with your clients by e-mail? How about frequently? And how often do you touch or discuss legal matters with colleagues through e-mail? Who owns those communications?

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    Five Key Considerations for Law Firms Before Moving to the Cloud

    It seems like everyone from technology pundits to mothers in TV commercials is talking about how computing is moving to the cloud -- the delivery of applications to distributed users from a central location rather than putting software on individual PCs or local servers.

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