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FindLaw's Legal Technology Center provides a wealth of free resources designed for solo and small law firms on law technology topics such as Electronic Discovery, Law Office Hardware, Legal Practice Software, Mobile, Networking, Data Storage, and Modern Law Practice. Making technology decisions for a solo or small law firm requires careful attention to technical and practical details. Whether you are a solo practitioner, or need to provide technical office support to many lawyers, FindLaw can help you make successful technology decisions.

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    • E-Discovering the Best of 2006!
      We've assembled some of the top issues in the field of e-discovery that were featured in the Legal Technology Center over the course of the past year, and we offer them up so that you can relive the highs and lows that were 2006. Enjoy, and have a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year!

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    • Managing an Online Document Review

      Electronic discovery projects are, by nature, chaotic. Learn how your legal team can bring order to this confusion and counter uncertainty with structure and management control.

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    • Not Just Another Article on eDiscovery Review

      Some of the best e-discovery review best practices are better characterized as the application of real-life lessons.

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    • Making The Case For TeleWorking

      According to CDW Corporation's 2007 Telework Report, a mere 15% of employees in the private sector believe that they currently have the option to telework. Is this good enough? Probably not. Read on.

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    • FTC Online Behavioral Advertising Privacy Principles Unplugged

      Behavioral advertising seeks to target relevant content for individual Internet consumers, but to do so, it relies upon information specific to those individuals. As a result, there has been some concern about the proper handling of private information relating to Internet consumers.

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